Travis Mills graces the cover of Men’s Health magazine for its anniversary edition.

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ROME, Maine (WMTW) - Travis Mills appears on the front page of the latest edition of Men’s Health magazine, a publication owned and operated by Hearst.

The special edition commemorates the 35 most resilient men of the past 35 years, and Mills is among the notable figures, including Lebron James, Tom Brady, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Mills gained recognition for his fortitude and power after sustaining injuries in Afghanistan and establishing the Travis Mills Foundation.

"It is a true honor. Men’s Health has been exceptionally kind to me. And, you know, I don't want to claim that I am the number one, but I did surpass Tom Brady. So I believe people should be aware of that," expressed Mills.

The magazine's writers and editors used terms like "strength," "determination," and "resilience" to describe their list of 35 extraordinary men who have left their mark in various ways over the past three and a half decades.

"We initially had approximately 100 individuals on an extensive list. Our entire staff made contributions. Then, over a couple of weeks, we delved deeper into the lives of each person, seeking truly distinctive aspects of their experiences that exemplified a broader definition of strength," stated Ben Court, the executive director of Men’s Health.

That's why Mills was chosen for the list.

On April 10th, 2012, during his third deployment in Afghanistan, Mills encountered an IED while on a mission. As a result, he lost parts of all four of his limbs, making him one of only five quadruple amputees to survive the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ever since that tragic incident, Mills has embarked on a new mission, and Men’s Health took notice.

"I don't believe that my struggles outweigh those of others; we all face challenges. As long as we can comprehend that things will improve, we merely need to keep our gaze fixed on a brighter future. I think the world is a better place. Therefore, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience," reflected Mills.

Upon returning home, Mills dedicated his life to serving other veterans.

"Considering the immense sacrifices made by veterans, along with the substantial amount of work involved, I view it as a small gesture to shine a light on what he's doing and help amplify his influence," added Court.

The Travis Mills Foundation has provided assistance to thousands of wounded veterans and individuals with disabilities. Mills is also a motivational speaker, a business owner, a husband, and a father.

"It's simply humbling. It's hard to explain. People frequently mention how well I'm doing, and I respond by stating that I'm not the one excelling. It's the individuals who support the foundation, the ones who show up for work every day, and the volunteers who contribute daily to be part of this initiative, all of whom play a critical role in changing people's lives and perspectives on how they navigate their own circumstances," shared Mills.

The motto of his foundation is "Never give up. Never quit," which the 36-year-old Mills lives by each day. He hopes that this message resonates with the readers of Men’s Health.

"It's not so much about me; it's more about those who are struggling with their own challenges or going through a difficult time. They can observe my story with Kelsey and our family as an example of how to keep pushing forward," concluded Mills.

Men’s Health's 35th anniversary edition can be found on newsstands across the nation as of Tuesday, October 10th.

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