Travis Barker Reveals his Gruesome Hand Wound

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Travis Barker Displays His Gruesome Hand InjuryDave Benett - Getty ImagesRock musician Travis Barker is currently touring with Blink-182, helping former rebellious youths relive their memorable days all over the globe. However, their most recent performance in the United Kingdom seems to have been an extraordinary wild event.

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On Sunday, October 15, after previously sharing a self-portrait upon the band's arrival in Manchester where they were scheduled to perform, Barker shared a photo on his Instagram Story that was so vivid that the social media platform concealed it with a content warning for particularly sensitive followers.

In the initial photo, the drummer exhibited his injured left hand, which was drenched in blood and swollen, with scraped knuckles. He did not provide any context or explanation for this injury that induces discomfort, although it is possible that he sustained it on stage. In the subsequent photo, Barker displays the bloodstains on his dark jeans following the gory incident.

Take a look at the photo below. But be forewarned, it is not suitable for those who are easily disturbed.

This is by no means the first instance in which Barker has injured his hand during a high-energy Blink performance. In a 2021 interview with Men's Health, he recounted how he has been using superglue to close cuts on his injured hands for more than two decades.

"I certainly test the limits of my body," he stated. "I am aware of its resilience."

Following a traumatizing incident in 2008, in which he was the lone survivor of a plane crash, Barker has spent the past 16 years adopting a practical, seize-the-moment attitude towards health setbacks.

"There are countless things that could occur to me," he discussed. "I could perish while skateboarding. I could be involved in a car crash. I could be shot. Anything is possible."

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