Top Responses to John Mulaney's Surprise Appearance in 'The Bear'

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Top Reactions to John Mulaney's Surprise Appearance on 'The Bear' FX/Hulu

Season 2 of The Bear has undeniably taken the world by storm, presenting an even more captivating narrative than its inaugural season and delving deeper into the intricacies of character development and relationship dynamics within the Chicago restaurant. This accomplishment is partly attributed to the expansion of the show's universe and the introduction of new members from the Berzatto family, resulting in a delightful assortment of noteworthy guest appearances by renowned personalities.

the bear season 2 every guest star cameo

The presence of Oscar-winning actresses Olivia Colman and Jamie Lee Curtis undoubtedly leaves a remarkable impression, especially Curtis, who portrays the complex matriarch Donna. Additionally, Sarah Paulson makes a memorable appearance as Carmy's cousin Michelle in episode six, titled "Fishes," alongside her partner, Steven, portrayed by the talented stand-up comedian John Mulaney.

Mulaney's involvement in the show may seem unexpected considering his primary identity as a comedian and secondarily as an actor, known for his distinct comedic style derived from his own persona. Consequently, it becomes challenging to watch John Mulaney in a series like The Bear without constantly acknowledging his familiar presence. Paradoxically, this factor contributes to the success of his performance: much like the viewer, Steven stands as an outsider to the Berzotto family, which explains the subtly unnatural tone in the drama-heavy "Fishes" episode.

Devoted fans of The Bear did not hesitate to notice the somewhat out-of-place inclusion of Mulaney in the episode, with some even comparing his entrance to a startling jump-scare. Let's take a look at some of the amusing perspectives on his role in the show.

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