The Impact of 'The Boys' Future and Episode 6's Unexpected Turn

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If you've experienced Wandavision withdrawals since the first season concluded over 2 1/2 years ago, episode 6 of this Gen V season provided you with all the grief-induced matter manipulation you crave. In the episode, mind-controller Cate Dunlap (Maddie Phillips) tries to redeem herself with her friends after revealing she's been erasing their memories in service of the sneaky Dean Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn) in episode 5's twist. However, restoring all of their memories comes at a cost for Cate as she falls into a catatonic state that only worsens for the Gen V supes as the episode progresses.

Without Marie (Jaz Sinclair), Andre (Chance Perdomo), Jordan (London Thor/Derek Luh), and former Godolkin University student Dusty (Andy Walken) realizing it, Cate's psychic abilities rendered them unconscious and trapped their minds in nightmares of her past traumas. They witness how Dean Shetty (better known as Dean Sheisty) preyed on a young, frightened Cate who was isolated in her room for nine years after accidentally using her powers to send her brother away from the family. They observe Cate subduing and erasing the memory of Golden Boy in The Woods at the request of the deceitful dean. That only scratches the surface of the imprisoning abilities of arguably the most powerful supe in Gen V.

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The four teenagers are only in Cate's mind because she's in theirs, allowing their most traumatic events and fears to become fair game. They quickly realize that they are not invisible observers of Cate's memories when an enraged Golden Boy tries to kill Andre for secretly being involved with Cate.

Marie confronts her frightened younger sister, Annabeth Moreau (played by Maria Nash), in the bathroom where Marie inadvertently caused their parents' death. As these apparitions represent their deepest fears, Marie must bear the presence of the sister she is desperately seeking, who reproaches her for deliberately ending their parents' lives and forever labeling her as a killer in Annabeth's eyes.

The Conclusion of Gen V Episode 6

Eventually, Cate awakens from her coma, and the team regains consciousness. However, the fact that Cate possesses the ability to trap individuals in their minds and kill them through their nightmares is probably the 23424th reason why the dean devised an incredibly genocidal plan.

What Occurred at the Conclusion of Episode 6 in Generation V?

Throughout most of the season, we have been attempting to uncover the purpose of The Woods. All we have witnessed is young superhumans barricaded in a correctional facility. Initially, it seemed to be a maximum-security juvenile detention center for the most mentally unstable superhumans, which may still hold some truth. However, at the conclusion of this episode, we discover that The Woods is an experimental laboratory where a virus specific to superhumans is being developed.

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At the beginning of the episode, Dr. Edison Cardosa (Marco Pigossi) notifies Dean Shetty that Betsy (Briana-Lynn Brieiro), a superhuman restrained to her bed, was injected with a virus that targets the Compound V in superhumans' blood. Within a span of two days, her ability to generate electric sparks in her hands had significantly diminished. We can only assume that her powers were previously much more devastating. According to Dr. Cardosa, this turn of events proves that their attempts to "compassionately control" superhumans were successful. Additionally, he credits the breakthrough to his collaboration with Golden Boy's brother Sam (Asa Germann).

We also discover that The Woods was established by Vought in order to determine methods of controlling superhumans. Regrettably, the individual who discloses this information is Dr. Cardosa, who begins to realize that he was not fully briefed on the true purpose of his research. After Dean Shetty instructs Dr. Cardosa to increase the dosage of the virus to "observe how sick we can make her," Betsy succumbs to the virus. Although this event does not reach the cataclysmic level of the Scarlet Witch eradicating over 90% of the mutant population in Marvel's House of M #7 comic by uttering the phrase "no more mutants," the deceitful dean does inquire if the doctor can make the virus that kills superhumans contagious.

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Indeed, we have reached the point where the mass extermination of superhumans becomes a possibility in The Boys' universe.

What Implications Does This Have for The Boys?

We do not yet know for certain if Vought's intentions behind the research carried out in The Woods were solely geared toward developing a virus to aid in the control of superhumans or to eliminate them. Following Golden Boy's unexpected suicide and Homelander using his laser beams to kill a protester in The Boys Season 3, gaining control over the superhumans they still employ would undoubtedly benefit Vought.

However, eliminating superhumans could prove to be useful in The Boys in several ways.

In Season 3 of The Boys, the disgraced former CEO of Vought International, Stan Edgar, desired that the pharmaceutical company completely cease utilizing superhumans and instead inject soldiers with a temporary variant of Compound-V called V-24. This would enable them to combat superhuman adversaries on the battlefield. During this season, we also uncovered the existence of super-terrorists worldwide who posed a substantial threat to conventional military forces. In the event that V-24 fails, Vought may be seeking a backup plan, and a highly infectious virus capable of eliminating super-terrorists within days would be ideal.

Furthermore, we have Homelander, a superhero who brutally murdered Vought's former Senior Vice President of Hero Management, Madelyn Stillwell, fellow member of The Seven, Black Noir, and now exhibits an arrogant, dictatorial attitude. This comes after he received widespread adoration from hundreds of individuals for decapitating a protester in front of everyone at the conclusion of Season 3. Homelander would not take kindly to Vought abandoning the use of superheroes. Therefore, it would be advantageous for Vought to possess an infallible method of terminating the most powerful existing superhuman before he dismantles the company piece by gory piece.

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Regardless, the creation of a virus capable of exterminating superhumans is akin to opening Pandora's box or developing an atomic bomb. The world will undergo a profound transformation, as will the upcoming season of The Boys and the future of Gen V.

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