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David Gandy Wellwear

Instagram followers and mere fame alone in our dubious times can make us appear as skilled businesspeople. There are countless examples such as Kendall Jenner's foray into the tequila business and Billy Eilish's fragrance line, which makes her feel like a bona fide perfumer.


In such times, it is not unreasonable to misunderstand the clothing brand launched by David Gandy, a globally renowned and accomplished male model since the early 2000s, as nothing more than a exploitation of his fame.

However, it must be asserted that "this is a big mistake".

The British Model: Who is David Gandy?

First and foremost, Gandy understands who he is better than anyone else.

"I have spent over 20 years as a model and it wouldn't be a lie to say that I have worn more clothes than people wear in a lifetime," he says.

"The Greatest Benefit from Training is Mental"

"I have wanted to launch my own brand for many years. However, I didn't want it to be just a name-driven approach. It was important for me that the clothes were something I truly believed in, clothes with a clear purpose. As a model, I have been committed to intense training. In this industry, the body is everything. However, the greatest benefit I have derived from training is actually mental. When launching 'Wellwear,' my goal was to create a lineup that would allow people to experience both physical and mental positivity through the clothes they wear.

Forest Green Mid-Length Swim Shorts £55 (approximately ¥10,000) In 2021, a sophisticated collection consisting of 20 essential and proportionate items such as T-shirts, swim shorts, sweatshirts, and polo shirts was introduced by David Gandy Wellwear, marking the beginning of the brand's history.

Since then, the brand has established its foundation by pursuing the sensory and psychological relationship between clothing and the individuals who wear them.

While many luxury menswear brands have focused on utilizing technical fabrics (such as waterproof and breathable materials), this has been the trend of the past decade. In other words, disregarding the individual purposes of the wearers, the belief has been that "ultra-lightweight materials and textiles with enhanced waterproof and breathability properties are the ultimate justice, and the pursuit of functionality is paramount."

On the other hand, Gandy's approach to clothing is more comprehensive, encompassing technology and more.

Official website

Off-White Poolside Waffle Polo £70 (approximately ¥12,800)

The Fusion of Style and Wellbeing

"I first realized the importance of articulating what I should be pursuing. Creating an entirely new category that combines style and well-being is the brand's philosophy," says Gandy.

"In this world where the importance of self-care is increasing, I have wanted to accelerate the evolution of the apparel industry. Our approach is to strive scientifically for flexible and comfortable clothing, emphasizing a diverse range of sensations. It has been scientifically proven that when the skin comes into contact with smooth materials, oxytocin (a hormone known as the happiness hormone that promotes mental relaxation and suppresses stress responses) is released, leading to increased psychological well-being and the suppression of negative emotions.

Our Goal: Creating Clothing with a Unique Character

Gandy continues, 'We aim to create garments that not only make you feel good when you wear them but also have their own unique characteristics, achieved by using the softest and highest-quality fabrics possible.'

Official Website

The Navy Poolside Towel Shirt is priced at £95 (approximately ¥17,500). By incorporating our exclusive technologies such as "Wellwear Breath," which uses nanotechnology to suppress bacteria and odors, and enhance comfort, we strive to make garments that are more comfortable to wear, easy to wash, and friendly to both the wearer and the environment.

In addition, we also introduce the moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects of Aloesin, a key compound found in Aloe vera (a plant in the Aloe genus known for its various benefits such as skin softening, moisturizing, anti-aging, and blood circulation promotion). This is the concept behind "Wellwear Care," which aims to provide even greater gentleness. Furthermore, we use "Wellwear Protect," which achieves 97% reduction in harmful UVA and UVB rays (both of which have an impact on skin aging), in all swimwear and poolside attire... This is Gandy's vision.

The White Ultimate Linen T-Shirt priced at £50 (approximately ¥9,150).

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