The Cascade: The sexual position renowned as one of the most pleasurable.

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If you are an inquisitive person and you enjoy experimenting with your partner, we recommend The Waterfall, a sexual position that will give you a lot of pleasure and make you last longer in bed.

Let's remember that the idea is for both people to enjoy the moment, and without a doubt, this is one of the positions that serves for both to have an equally good time.

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The Waterfall, one of the best sexual positions of the Kamasutra

On the Men's Health website, they provided the details of this position that you can try if you want to do something different.

How is this sexual position of the Kamasutra achieved? It is important to mention that with The Waterfall, the woman has greater control in the act.

Credits: Men's HealthThe man should bring the edge of the bed closer, lying on his back while letting the upper part of his body hang out, which will be supported on the floor. But if he is in very good physical condition, he doesn't need to lie down.

The medium mentioned above, adds that on her part, the woman should sit on top of her partner, controlling the situation and being in a comfortable position.

During The Waterfall, the man can penetrate with gentle movements and hold her by the waist, but she can manage the intensity of the rocking motion.

It is important to mention that this position is a bit complicated, which is why it requires good physical fitness and flexibility, and a good balance to avoid falling during the act.

Another important point to highlight, as we mentioned above, is that with this sexual position, you can last longer. So if you want to reach climax, it's better to change the position.

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