Streaming 'Saw X' won't be available anytime soon.

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When a horror franchise returns after a period of inactivity, there is a high standard to meet. Halloween and Scream, for instance, both revitalized their film series and had to confront the lofty expectations that audiences inevitably placed upon them. Saw, on the other hand, faces an especially challenging legacy. Throughout its nine previous films, each installment varied in terms of quality, both in terms of plot and the promised gruesome horror. Additionally, the series faces a major obstacle—the main villain actually died in the third film—making the notion of continuing the Saw X storyline seem like an impossible task for anyone attempting to create the tenth film in the series.

However, early reactions to Saw X have been positive. While some fans may argue that the Saw film series hasn't produced a decent entry since the first film, it is possible that they may discover a new favorite in Saw X. Taking place chronologically between the first and second films, Saw X features the original Jigsaw Killer, portrayed by Tobin Bell, and his beloved apprentice Amanda, played by Shawnee Smith. While loyal fans are undoubtedly familiar with the overall plot, Saw X aims to delve deeper into one of the more exhilarating periods in the series, while delivering frightening moments that will satisfy an audience that has experienced almost two decades of bloody, thrilling traps, and unexpected twists in the third act.

Whether you are ready to purchase a ticket to see Saw X in theaters or prefer to wait and watch it at home (perhaps hiding under the covers), here is what we know about when Saw X will be available for streaming.

Is Saw X available for streaming?

Not yet. Currently, the film is only showing in theaters, and there is no confirmed streaming date.

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When will Saw X be available for streaming?

Saw X is a Lionsgate film, which means it will eventually be released on Starz, and then on Peacock, following its theatrical run according to the company's agreement with Universal. Taking another major release as an example, John Wick 4 did not become available on Starz until nearly six months after its initial release. Therefore, for Saw X, we should not expect the film to be accessible for home viewing until early 2024.

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