Sharp-Sighted Enthusiasts Spot Historical Inaccuracy in 'Oppenheimer'.

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There appears to be a historical error in the upcoming film titled 'Oppenheimer', which forms half of the celebrated 'Barbenheimer' series alongside Greta Gerwig's 'Barbie'. 'Oppenheimer' has already made waves as one of the summer's most anticipated movies, with box office figures serving as evidence of its success. The biographical drama revolves around the life of the eponymous character, a renowned theoretical physicist primarily known for his pivotal role in the development of the atomic bomb. Acclaimed actor Cillian Murphy takes on the challenging lead role, while Florence Pugh and Emily Blunt portray Oppenheimer's mistress and wife, respectively. The star-studded cast also includes Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Gary Oldman, and Josh Hartnett, among others, who bring various historical figures to life on the screen.

oppenheimer historical error

Directed by the esteemed filmmaker Christopher Nolan, the film delves into Oppenheimer's scientific endeavors during World War II and delves into the complex personal struggles he faced while grappling with the creation of a weapon that would change the course of history. Despite its dark subject matter, the film has garnered immense praise and adoration from both audiences and critics alike, boasting an impressive 94% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. Moreover, the recent surge in interest surrounding the 'Barbenheimer' series has sparked additional curiosity among moviegoers who are motivated to watch both films, sometimes even on the same day.

While some viewers may be captivated by the film's contentious depictions of intimate encounters, shedding light on Oppenheimer's numerous extramarital affairs, others have noticed an intriguing historical anomaly within a specific scene set in 1945. Although most movie enthusiasts may not immediately recognize this discrepancy, keen observers with a penchant for World War II history or astute attention to detail may discern the historical inaccuracy. Aspiring viewers who possess a profound interest in unraveling historical accounts, proceed with caution before embarking on this cinematic experience.

What exactly constitutes the historical blunder in Oppenheimer? Is it comparable to the Starbucks cup mishap in Game of Thrones? Or does it involve something that disrupts the film's plot? Here's what we've uncovered about Oppenheimer and its historical quandary.

What Kind of Historical Error Did Oppenheimer Commit?

During a scene set in 1945, Oppenheimer can be observed amidst a congregation. Within this scene, keen-eyed viewers have noticed something peculiar—the presence of an American flag that is not historically accurate.

During the year 1945, the United States only consisted of 48 states, with Alaska and Hawaii still awaiting their inclusion. CNN reports that the first instance of a flag bearing 50 stars was in 1960. Viewers on Twitter have been quick to point out this glaring inaccuracy, and the criticism has spread widely among those who have seen the film. Despite this flaw, many still regard the film as a masterpiece.

However, some fans argue that the inclusion of the flag was not accidental. They contend that Oppenheimer portrays two distinct timelines—one set during the creation of the atomic bomb in 1945, and the other in 1954 when the scientist faces repercussions from the US Atomic Energy Commission due to suspicions of his Communist sympathies.

It is plausible that Nolan and his team deliberately chose to depict the 50-star flag in order to present Oppenheimer's perspective from a future vantage point. After all, the scientist lived through the U.S.'s acquisition of the extra two states before his passing in 1967.

Regardless of whether the inclusion of the flag was intentional or not, there is a consensus that Oppenheimer is a film worth watching.

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