Schwarzenegger and the Reason He Started Bodybuilding: "They Were Astonished by My Biceps

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Age is not a limitation for Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor and former governor of California continue to amaze his followers with his incredible and magnificent physique at the age of 76, just recently celebrated. The Hollywood star has granted an interview with Men’s Health magazine, where he has surprised with astounding advice and anecdotes that support the great shape maintained by the Terminator protagonist.

Schwarzenegger has recalled the reason why he ventured into the world of fitness. The entrepreneur states that his aim when he started lifting weights was to impress the ladies with his muscles. "To be honest, when I started lifting weights, being Mr. Europe wasn't enough for me. My motivations were to be mature for the competition, but I wanted to show off at Lake Thal and have women say, 'Look at those muscles.' I would see the girls who appeared at the lake the following summer and they would be amazed by my biceps."

"Resentment can be a great motivator"

The actor also asserts that he wanted to prove his school teacher wrong, who told him that he would be "a Neanderthal who would fail in life." "Every time I took the tram to go to the stadium in Graz, I would see him telling me that I would never amount to anything." Schwarzenegger compares himself to Michael Jordan because the Chicago Bulls player went through a similar episode with his high school coach.

"Resentment can be a great motivator. Jordan was the greatest of all time because he proved his coach wrong. Absurd goals have driven people since the beginning of time. It takes paper and sticks to start a fire, but motivation, like fuel, is what makes you grow. As long as it fuels you, that's all that matters."

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