Ryan Reynolds Announces the Return of Alf: A Legitimate Plan

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After a long period of secrecy spanning three decades, devotees of the television show "ALF" will finally uncover the fate of the most disconcerting puppet character on TV following the strangely unsettling ending of the series. Brace yourselves for a spoiler: he delved into the profitable business of selling medication for men's sexual well-being.

The so-called Alien Life Form was reawakened, of all people, by the entertainment industry's marketing maestro, Ryan Reynolds, seemingly with the sole intention of endorsing various companies within the show's universe. These endorsements include the men's health subscription service HIMS and Reynolds' former favorite, Mint Mobile. The classic '80s sitcom reruns will now be interspersed with advertisements that feature the main character on The Maximum Effort Channel, available on FAST services like FuboTV, Tubi, and Amazon Freevee. Because let's face it, if there's one thing Free Ad-supported Streaming Television lacks, it's an abundance of advertisements.

Describing this extraordinary undertaking, Reynolds expressed, "At Maximum Effort, we revel in embracing audacious undertakings and blurring the boundaries between shows and sponsorships, as we believe both can provide equal enjoyment. Additionally, my irrational adoration for 'ALF' during my formative years was one of the main reasons behind our decision to acquire the rights to this show. Furthermore, series co-creator and star Paul Fusco, Shout! Studios, and our bold brand partners were enthusiastic about collaborating with us to revive ALF."

ALF's reappearance on television to promote affordable phone plans and Amazon's surveillance doorbells is bound to astonish many, particularly due to one of the most notorious cliffhangers in TV history.

Hold on a minute, though. Wasn't ALF arrested? Transport your mind back to the year 1986, when unsuspecting viewers might have stumbled upon the inaugural episode of NBC's "ALF" — a lighthearted sitcom revolving around an ostensibly charming extraterrestrial engaging in a series of amusing escapades with a spirited suburban family. Now, dear reader, how do you think this series would conclude? If your guess was "ALF being indefinitely detained by the U.S. government," you hit the nail on the head!

After successfully establishing contact with his home planet of Melmac and organizing a return voyage, ALF and his newfound human family encounter menacing FBI-like vehicles along the way. The hovering spaceship that was meant to escort him back home abruptly speeds away, apparently afraid of capture, while ALF utters a horrifying cry, "No! Don't abandon me!" The series comes to a close as ALF finds himself surrounded by irate uniformed individuals gradually inching closer, all while he tries to crack jokes (eliciting sporadic laughter from the studio audience). Freeze-frame. End credits.

In the defense of the "ALF" writers, this was not the ending they had initially intended. The show's ratings decline ultimately led to its early cancellation. A movie sequel titled "Project: ALF" was released six years after the series finale, though it remains uncertain whether it will be streamed alongside the show on The Maximum Effort Channel when ALF makes his return on July 29.

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