Ryan Gosling's Actual Singing in the 'Barbie' Film: Essential Information for Enthusiasts

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The long-awaited Barbie movie has finally arrived, causing quite a stir in pop culture circles, thanks in part to its star-studded soundtrack. Renowned artists such as Lizzo, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, and more have contributed catchy tunes to the film. However, it is Ken's musical performances that have garnered significant attention and led to questions about whether Ryan Gosling truly sings in the movie.

Well, a closer look at the soundtrack confirms that Ryan indeed lends his voice to the original song titled "I'm Just Ken." So, when you hear the poignant lyrics, "I'm just Ken (And I'm enough) And I'm great at doing stuff," rest assured that it is Ryan's mesmerizing voice serenading you.

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And that's not all; Ryan also showcases his vocal talents in the Barbie movie's rendition of "Push" by Matchbox Twenty, which happens to be Ken's favorite band.

For devoted fans of Ryan, this should come as no surprise. After all, this 42-year-old actor kick-started his career on The Mickey Mouse Club. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Oscar nominee divulged that he initially felt "self-conscious" about singing on the movie's soundtrack. He had to reconnect with his inner child star to make this project come to life: "At a certain point, I thought I had moved beyond that child within me, but then I realized that I needed his guidance to make this movie. So, I had to revisit that part of myself and seek his assistance. It turned out to be a beneficial experience."

Did you know that Ryan's vocal prowess was also showcased in the film La La Land? His heartfelt rendition of "City of Stars" earned him an Academy Award nomination, and he even played the piano in the movie. In a lesser-known venture, Ryan and his friend Zach Shields formed a rock duo called Dead Man's Bones in 2009 and even released an album.

And there you have it—Ryan Gosling, the multifaceted performer, making waves in yet another artistic endeavor.

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