Preparing a Hard-Boiled Egg in an Air Fryer

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Achieving a perfect hard-boiled egg can be quite a challenge. But did you know that you can prepare a hard-boiled egg in the air fryer? We already knew that this appliance was essential in the kitchen, but now we can add another benefit to the list of advantages of the air fryer. How to effortlessly make a perfect hard-boiled egg in your air fryer? From now on, it's a piece of cake.

Take the eggs out of the refrigerator and let them reach room temperature. The advantage of this trick: no matter how many eggs you put in the air fryer, the cooking time remains the same, whether it's two or ten.

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cómo preparar un huevo duro

Warm Egg

Are you a fan of soft-boiled eggs? Set the air fryer to 150 degrees Celsius and 9 minutes. Remove the eggs immediately from the air fryer when the alarm sounds, and rinse them briefly under cold water. Serve the eggs immediately, or they will no longer be soft-boiled.

Medium-Boiled Egg

Do you prefer a medium-boiled egg? Set the air fryer to 150 degrees Celsius and 10 minutes. Place the eggs in cold water for half a minute after the alarm sounds.

Hard-Boiled Egg

For a hard-boiled egg, set the air fryer to 150 degrees Celsius and 14 minutes. After the time is up, place these eggs in cold water for half a minute as well.

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cómo preparar un huevo duro en la freidora de aire

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