Pauline Hanson's One Nation advocates for the establishment of a dedicated government agency for males.

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Published at 18:44 EDT on July 6, 2023 | Updated at 19:11 EDT on July 6, 2023

One Nation, led by Pauline Hanson, has intensified its advocacy for establishing a governmental department exclusively dedicated to men's issues, mirroring the existence of a similar department that caters to women.

South Australian Senator Sarah Game, representing One Nation, earnestly questioned the absence of such a department during a recent address in the state's parliament.

Senator Game initially addressed the state's attorney-general and subsequently delved into various areas of concern related to men's health, as well as the existing gender disparities in terms of healthcare funding.

"On May 2nd, I asked the attorney-general about the challenges faced by men and whether the government intended to establish a department specifically focused on men's issues," she commenced.

"Regrettably, the response I received was, 'I can confidently inform the honorable member that we have not considered that possibility'," Senator Game quoted.

Subsequently, Senator Game highlighted alarming statistics pertaining to men's health.

"Nearly half of Australian men suffer from loneliness, and individuals with a high level of loneliness are eight-and-a-half times more likely to experience poor mental health," she revealed.

Additionally, she emphasized that men account for six out of every eight suicides, which is almost double the number of deaths caused by road accidents in our nation. Moreover, men encounter greater mental and physical health challenges compared to women during times of familial upheaval."

The One Nation senator proceeded to outline the contrasting allocation of healthcare funding between genders.

"Despite an average male life expectancy that is four years shorter than that of Australian women, the National Health and Medical Research Council has allocated five times more funding to women's health than to men's health," she asserted.

Senator Game then pressed the attorney-general to clarify why the government had not considered establishing a department for men to address these pressing issues in light of the available data.

In response to the query, South Australian Attorney-General Kyam Maher explained, "We have strategies and programs in place, which are being developed, modified, and introduced to address these areas."

Pauline Hanson, the leader of One Nation, has consistently advocated for the creation of a governmental department dedicated to men's issues in various speeches delivered in federal parliament.

In her most recent address on March 9, Senator Hanson also highlighted the existing gaps between genders.

"While I support initiatives aimed at assisting women, it is undeniably apparent that I will be the sole female voice today speaking in defense of the most oppressed and neglected minority in Australia: men," she declared.

She referred to compelling data illustrating how Australian men are disproportionately affected by suicide, incarceration, homelessness, and unemployment. Furthermore, one in four victims of domestic violence is male.

"And what is being done to bridge these enormous disparities? Regrettably, the answer is nothing," Senator Hanson voiced her concern.

Senator Hanson further criticized the family law system, contending that it severely disadvantages men.

"Mens' health concerns deserve attention, recognition, and support from both the government and this parliament," she asserted.

"Perhaps it is time we consider the appointment of a Minister for Men as a starting point.

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