Nas' Composition Found Amongst the Finest Melodies in History

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Nas consistently garners immense admiration from both rap aficionados and fellow artists, a fact that remains widely acknowledged. Most recently, Common joined in this chorus of praise during an interview with Men's Health. Throughout the conversation, Common delved into his extensive connection with hip-hop. "I vividly recall a performance where, after exiting the venue, an individual approached me and expressed their deep appreciation for my music," Common recounted. Intrigued, he went on to elucidate the significance behind his song "Retrospect for Life": "This very track spurred a life-changing decision for someone, as they informed me that it influenced their choice to embrace parenthood." The candid interview commenced with Common sharing the motivation behind the composition: "I penned that song based on a personal experience, a critical juncture when I found myself accompanying the mother of my child towards the abortion clinic, only for her to reconsider and declare, 'We cannot go through with this again.'"

Returning to the subject of Nas, Common accredited him for their shared experiences. "That is precisely why we resonate with Nas's sentiments on Illmatic," Common affirmed spiritedly. Nas encapsulated those experiences with a sheer artistry that was nothing short of magnificent. In "One Love," he engages in a soul-stirring conversation with his incarcerated companion. This composition stands as a true testament to the greatest songs ever crafted." Notably, this particular track is featured on Nas's seminal album, Illmatic, which has garnered widespread acclaim. Singing its praises, 50 rappers contributed to a recent New York Times article that delved into the story of hip-hop. Eminem, for instance, openly expressed how the album had influenced his own career, recounting his initial encounter with it.

In a different vein, Common has nothing but adoration for Nas. Nas recently unveiled his latest offering, Magic 2, as a follow-up to his previous album, Magic, released in 2021. Nas's ongoing collaboration with Hit-Boy, titled Kings Disease, is also referenced in this new project. Furthermore, Magic 2 showcases Nas's collaboration with 21 Savage and marks a long-awaited reunion with 50 Cent after many years. This album follows the highly acclaimed Kings Disease III, released just last year.

Now, turning to you, what are your thoughts on Common's heartfelt appreciation for Nas's "One Love"? We eagerly await your comments below.

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[Source: Men's Health via Twitter]

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