Movember with us on board our buses, trains, and trams!

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Monday, 30 October 2023

The inspiring mustaches are back with nearly 100 buses, trains, trams, and marine safety boats proudly flaunting the black mustache this Movember to support men’s health.

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport has partnered with Adelaide Metro and Marine Safety to raise awareness and encourage South Australians to inquire about the whereabouts of the mustache.

This year, a total of 60 public transport buses, 22 trains, 10 trams, and four boats across Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, and surrounding areas have undergone a facial hair transformation, dedicated to growing and maintaining fashionable whiskers.

Be on the lookout for the black handlebars and share a joyful photo on social media using the hashtag #AdelaideMetMo or #MarineMo for a chance to win a regular metroCARD loaded with $50.

To avoid any close calls, please make sure to stand behind the white line on the footpath or platform while taking photos.

While we can easily spot our stylish mustaches on public transport, mental health struggles are often more difficult to detect.

No matter what type of mustache you prefer, whether it is a natural one or a synthetic one, Movember aims to enhance early cancer detection and treatment in order to minimize preventable deaths.

We understand that not everyone can grow a mustache, which is why there are various ways to participate. You can:

  • Move for Movember (walk or run 60 kilometers in November).
  • Host a mustache moment (organize a morning tea event).
  • Create your own mustache challenge (come up with your unique way to contribute).

Since 2003, the Movember movement has expanded globally and has provided funding for over 1,250 men’s health initiatives.

Growing a mustache can inspire donations and encourage individuals to check in with their mustache-wearing friends to see how they are doing.

The Department’s partnership with Movember began in 2018 with a mustache on a tram and has continued to grow ever since.

If our trams, buses, and boats have inspired you, be sure to check out Movember’s helpful guide on growing and styling your mustache.

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