Motorcycle collision leads to tragic loss of man's testicles within his abdomen.

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It was a strike in the gutter.

An Italian biker experienced intense agony after a motorcycle collision dislodged his testicle and propelled it into his body, as described in a deeply detailed study in BMJ Case Reports.

"We present the case of an individual who endured a traumatic displacement of the right testis in the abdomen following a motorcycle crash," the authors wrote in the cringe-inducing narrative.

The uncommon and traumatic incident supposedly took place after the unidentified patient in his twenties had a motorcycle accident in Italy, resulting in the dislocation of his right reproductive organ.

The impact reportedly pushed the gonad out of the scrotum and through the inguinal canal, a narrow passage in the groin, before ultimately settling in the abdomen, as reported by LiveScience.

"Testicular dislocation in the abdomen after scrotal trauma is an infrequent and occasionally undetected occurrence," study authors wrote. The patient then visited the hospital, where it was discovered that there was a considerable mass of clotted blood in the scrotum, hindering doctors from properly examining the misplaced genitals.

A stock image of a motorcycle after a crash.

After stopping the bleeding and draining the blood reservoir, physicians attended to the unfortunate individual's other injuries, which included a severe pelvic fracture. They also ensured that there was no damage to the urinary tract from the freak accident.

A subsequent CT scan helped locate the displaced testicle, which had traveled far into his right abdomen, as shown in disturbing X-ray images.

Doctors then warmed the oxygen-deprived organ before repositioning it using a procedure called orchidopexy, often used to treat children with undescended testicles during development, as reported by LiveScience.

A CT scan of the man's abdomen following the accident.

Six months after the accident, the man's reproductive organ had returned to its normal state and did not affect his hormone and semen production, which unfortunately can be the case with such excursions outside the scrotum.

The act of the testicle reaching the intestinal wall is extremely rare.

  • Among the occurrences of testicular relocation caused by motorcycles - accounting for 80% of all cases - a mere 6% witnessed the reproductive organs reaching the abdominal region<.li>
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