Method Man Confronted Depression and Darkness During Early Career, Desiring to Witness Illumination

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During the '90s, when Wu-Tang Clan skyrocketed to fame, Method Man emerged as a beloved figure among fans. Born Clifford Smith, Jr., this rapper and actor recently disclosed to Men's Health, in their latest publication Hip Hop Is Life, that he battled depression while entertaining hordes of supporters.

He explains, "It transitioned from the pure joy of childhood to this exhilarating sensation of being a celebrity, to feeling inadequate and unworthy. That's when the depression and similar struggles crept in," shares Method Man with Men's Health. "I didn't even realize that I've been battling depression since I was young. Numerous unresolved instances of PTSD started resurfacing."

The Men's Health Hip Hop Is Life edition showcases prominent figures such as Busta Rhymes, Method Man, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Common, and Wiz Khalifa.

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Method Man admits that external influences had a significant impact on his mental well-being. He confesses, "I didn't anticipate it would affect me as much as it did – the opinions of others," states the 52-year-old Grammy winner. "In hindsight, when you delve deeper into your own psyche, you begin to uncover the origins of certain things. I simply wasn't content."

As part of his recovery journey, he emphasizes the importance of altering his perspective and social circle.

"It reached a point where misery thrived on companionship, and the people around me were just as miserable. It was a fitting match. However, I grew weary of it all and no longer desired to be surrounded by disgruntled individuals. All I craved was positivity. I yearned for everything to be light. The darkness was no longer appealing."

Method Man affirms that progress began with introspection. "It had nothing to do with others. It was solely about me. What can I control? That's what I sought to conquer. I ceased to attach significance to the opinions of others, and instead of being my own harshest critic, I transformed into my biggest supporter."

According to the rapper-turned-actor, who currently stars in Power Book II: Ghost and has previously appeared in The Wire and The Deuce, this shift in mindset is the key to what he describes as "genuine happiness."

Method Man candidly shares his battle with depression with Men's Health.

Shayan Asgharnia's perspective on self-love is refreshingly straightforward. He emphasizes the importance of genuinely loving oneself when looking in the mirror. However, he acknowledges that it is not enough to merely utter these words; actions must follow suit. It is crucial to demonstrate self-love through our behavior.

Interestingly, Asgharnia's commitment to physical well-being is entirely self-motivated. He clarifies that his dedication to taking care of himself is not driven by external factors or societal expectations.

The artist steadfastly refuses to chase an unattainable, fleeting image of sexiness. He adamantly states that he does not aspire to be a sex symbol. Method Man astutely breaks down the term itself, highlighting the absurdity of its combination. His marriage of over two decades to Tamika Smith is a testament to his perspective on love and beauty.

Reaching a certain age brings a newfound liberation from societal pressures, and Method Man finds this indifference incredibly alluring. The ability to genuinely not care what others think is, in his eyes, the epitome of sexiness. It is a powerful statement that challenges conventional notions of attractiveness.

Make sure to grab the September 2023 edition of Men's Health, marking the Hip-Hop Is Life Issue, available on August 8th at newsstands.

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