Men's Health is a Serious Matter in the Month of June.

2023-06-23 00:12:01 - Dr. Sam Nine Dr. Sam Nine is a renowned urologist with over 20 years of experience in the field. Recognizing the need for more resources dedicated to men's sexual health, he created With his commitment to providing accurate information and fostering open discussions, he has become a pioneering figure in promoting healthier, stigma-free attitudes towards men's health.

In WAUSAU, WI (WAOW), it's common knowledge that women are twice as prone to seeking medical attention than men. However, it's worth noting that being proactive about one's health can save lives. This is why June is designated as Men's Health Month. This is an opportunity for men to take a break and consider if anything is bothering them regarding their physical well-being.

Most of the prevalent conditions that affect men are preventable, such as heart disease. Despite this, action must be taken to avoid them. Heart disease is the primary cause of death among men, with as many as one in four deaths attributed to the disease.

A routine health examination is an excellent starting point for men. Such a check-up enables doctors to detect and help prevent diseases before they manifest. “Anyone above the twenty-five age bracket is eligible for high cholesterol screening. If you have a familial history of heart issues, we recommend earlier screening, around five to ten years before any heart event,” explains Aspirus Health Cardiologist Dr. Daniel Krause.

Heart problems can strike without warning, remaining hidden until critical signs appear that could result in a heart attack or worse. This is particularly crucial if there is a family history of heart disease or other genetic conditions.

It is essential to urge the men in your life to visit the doctor whenever possible, not just in June. Encourage them to take action and seek professional guidance to keep their health on track.

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