Lydia's Unexpected Revelation Fails to Discourage Milton in 'Love Is Blind'

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Are Lydia and Milton Still Together?NetflixLove Is Blind is an up and down experience for both participants and viewers. For participants, there's the evident turmoil of experiencing romance while being filmed for a national television show with all its pressures. Additionally, there's the challenge of maintaining secrecy after filming, keeping that secret until the show is aired and the public can discover the outcome of your relationship over a few weeks. For viewers, there's less emotional stress, but there's still excitement and emotional upheaval in observing different individuals couple up with those they deem suitable and witnessing if those relationships thrive or come crashing down.

lydia milton love is blind

Since Netflix presents the show on a weekly basis, Love Is Blind keeps the audience on their toes for a while. Even after the main show concludes, there is more to be seen with a special reunion and After the Altar. Social media can help fill in some gaps for those who wish to follow the participants between episodes or after the season is aired. However, while the show is ongoing, there is an abundance of online discussions and speculation.

One of Season 5's primary engaged couples, Lydia and Milton, are currently subject to such speculation. The pair made the decision to continue their relationship outside of the isolation pods, allowing viewers to observe their interactions as they meet each other's families and navigate the real world. Are the two still together after leaving the pods? Did they encounter any conflicts during their relationship? Here's what we know.

Are Lydia and Milton Still Together in Love Is Blind?

As of Episode 4 of Season 5, Lydia and Milton are still a couple. It's challenging to know the current situation in the real world, as the participants tend to remain tight-lipped until the entire season is broadcast.

Based on what we have witnessed so far, Lydia and Milton hit it off quite rapidly, despite their age difference (Milton is 24 and Lydia is 30). Although Lydia initially showed interest in Izzy, their connection ultimately fizzled out, leading her to turn her attention to Milton.

As the two grew closer and approached an engagement, Lydia dropped a bombshell: she had previously been in a relationship with Uche, another participant in the pods. According to an interview with PEOPLE, Milton was initially taken aback by this revelation, but states that it did not alter his feelings towards Lydia or their relationship.

I stated, 'Oh, okay, this is prior to my arrival. We all possess a history, we all possess former partners.' It didn't disturb me," Milton expresses. "It was merely like, yes, alright, no issue. That's fascinating. Now what are we engaging in subsequently?" Thus far in the program, it appears that the duo is still thriving. However, we will provide further information in this area as fresh episodes become available and the couple ventures back into the actual world.

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