Ludacris Discloses He Maintains Ownership of His 1990s Vehicle.

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In a recent interview for the Men’s Health series "The Rewind," Ludacris disclosed a long-held secret from early in his career. It turns out that the artist still possesses his 1993 Acura Legend, which he acquired before achieving fame and success. According to Ludacris, this vehicle serves as a constant reminder of the hardships he endured to reach his current position. He believes that the car helps him stay grounded and maintains his down-to-earth nature.

Although he may have acquired several other cars over the years, Ludacris still considers his old Acura as his top choice. When shown a photo of himself sitting on the car's hood, he shared the story behind it. Ludacris explained, "I still have my 1993 Acura Legend to this day, even with over 253,000 miles on it. It remains my favorite car because it keeps me grounded and serves as my anchor."

Furthermore, the car helps Ludacris remember his humble beginnings. He mentioned, "I owned this car before signing a major record deal and amassing millions of dollars. I still have it because it reminds me of the struggle and hustle I went through, bringing me back to my initial journey."

Ludacris has undoubtedly made significant contributions since his debut. Just this summer, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Notable celebrities such as LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Vin Diesel, Tyrese, and more attended the event to support him. During the ceremony, Ludacris's oldest daughter, Karma, surprised him with a heartfelt speech, leaving him emotional and grateful for the surprise.

To add to his accomplishments, Ludacris recently opened a Chicken & Beer restaurant at LAX, expanding his ventures beyond music.

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