Libido-enhancing treats touted as quick fix for preventable failures.

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The period during which Viagra and tadalafil take to work can ruin the mood.

  • Published: 18:14 ET, Oct 24 2023

GUMMY candies infused with a libido-enhancing medication are being praised as bedroom disappointment blockers.

They contain tadalafil — a Viagra-like solution for male impotence.


Gummy candies that contain tadalafil could have an impact within minutes — whereas tablets take up to an hour to achieve the desired outcomeCredit: Seattle Gummy CompanyTadalafil tablets take up to an hour to take effect but the candies could have the desired outcome in minutes.

Gummy sweets that contain tadalafil could work within minutes — while tablets take up to an hour to produce the desired effect

They dissolve rapidly in the mouth and are absorbed into tiny blood vessels. A trial is underway in the US.

Medications like Viagra and tadalafil have revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but the time it takes for them to work can ruin the mood.

Seattle Gummy Company, the US company that manufactures the tadalafil candies, states that they are "the ideal format" for delivering essential vitamins and medications into the body.

At least one in ten British men suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Causes vary from diabetes and obesity to hormonal issues and stress.

Research suggests that it is also an early indicator of heart disease.

Blood vessels in the pelvic region become blocked much sooner than those around the heart because they are much smaller.

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