Jorge Fernández's Astonishing Pectorals at 50 Years Old

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However, sports is much more than just training, it is a way of life," Jorge Fernández shared in an exclusive interview with Men's Health magazine to celebrate his 50th birthday. At that time, the presenter was at one of his best moments, but even now, almost a year later, he continues to thrive.

Sports is part of his everyday life, his daily routine, which is why he proudly displays strong and well-toned muscles in the occasional shirtless photos he uploads to Instagram. It is true that he doesn't often expose himself in revealing clothes on social media, but every now and then, he surprises us with images like the recent one he posted alongside his dog. It's a picturesque scene where Jorge is sprawled on the grass without a shirt, showcasing pectoral muscles that have been sculpted through countless hours of gym training.

To view the full post on Instagram, click here. He himself reveals the intense and comprehensive chest workouts he follows at the gym, which explains why he appears so muscular. These exercises range from incline bench press on the multipower machine to cable flyes. In addition, these top 15 chest exercises to improve pectoral muscles can also contribute to sculpting impressive chest muscles.

GOFITNESS Push Down Pressure Bar for strengthening pectorals

GOFITNESS Push Down Pressure Bar for strengthening pectorals

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