Jaap becomes covermodel after personal transformation for Men's Health shoot.

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When Jaap Reesema (38) graces the cover of 'Men's Health' magazine this fall, it will mark the completion of a full circle for him. In an interview with 'Het Parool' on Saturday, the singer discusses the contrast between his current rigorous training regimen and the time when he admits he was "overweight".

"I won't become a super ripped hunk like Arie Boomsma, but that's okay," Jaap says.

"At the end of my teenage years, I was really overweight. Simply because I couldn't control my eating and drinking habits. It didn't take long for me to weigh 112 kilograms," Jaap reveals. "At some point, I had enough. In a year and a half, I lost 35 kilograms, mainly by spending every day on the elliptical machine."


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When his three children were born, a few extra kilograms were added each year, he explains. He mentioned this in the Zelfspodcast, which he hosts weekly with Sander Schimmelpennick. "In the podcast, I mentioned that a Men's Health cover would be a good motivation for me to tackle this properly. It didn't take long for me to receive an invitation."

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Since May, the singer has been engaging in training. "I won't become a super ripped muscle man like Arie Boomsma, but that's okay. I've come a long way. It would complete the circle for me: from that heavy period to now being a cover model." Whether he achieves it remains to be seen. "We'll find out if I manage that by the end of September when the photos are taken."

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