Initiating a significant dialogue on the mental well-being of men, Taylor Moss takes a compelling stance.

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Updated: 13:37 EDT, 2 September 2023

Country music sensation Taylor Moss has initiated a significant dialogue concerning the mental well-being of men.

Following her father's enduring but silent battle with mental illness, she composed a captivating song titled Real Man. In this touching melody, she highlights her father's struggles and praises his courage in seeking assistance.

The song has effortlessly gained popularity on various social media platforms, with numerous newlywed couples choosing it as their first dance to honor their deceased fathers.

In an interview with The Herald Sun, Taylor expressed her desire to eradicate the stigma surrounding men's efforts to seek aid for their mental well-being. With her father Chad's approval, she beautifully crafted this heartfelt composition.

"As an adult daughter, it was incredibly challenging to make that distressing call for my dad to receive urgent care. Society often expects parents to be the pillars of strength and becomes uneasy when they require emotional help," she shared.

Country music star Taylor Moss (pictured) has initiated an important discourse on men's mental health.

Having witnessed her father Chad's silent struggle with mental illness throughout the years, she skillfully produced an exquisite ballad named Real Man that narrates his battles and praises his strength in reaching out for support.

"There exists a significant stigma surrounding this issue. Parents often believe they must display flawlessness," she added.

In 2019, Taylor faced a critical situation where she had to call an ambulance for her father, who had hit rock bottom while residing in Noosa.

Reflecting on that fateful night, Chad revealed, "I no longer felt like a man. I experienced a profound sense of worthlessness, unable to fulfill my familial duties, which had always held great importance to me."

Taylor interjected, "The thoughts of not wanting to exist anymore plagued him."

In her heartfelt tribute to her father through song, Taylor soulfully expresses his strength, singing, "He possesses a vulnerable and gentle side, shedding tears from his hazel eyes. I embraced him in the kitchen as he allowed them to fall. The most resilient soul I've ever encountered, my unwavering foundation, my truest confidant. Whenever I find myself in trouble, he's the first person I turn to."

The father-daughter pair joined forces to raise awareness for TIACS (This Is A Conversation Starter), an organization dedicated to providing support for struggling tradies and farm workers facing mental health challenges.

Taylor's track attained viral status on social media, captivating numerous newlywed couples who have chosen to incorporate it into their wedding ceremonies as a symbolic gesture honoring their departed fathers.

Excitingly, Taylor officially announced her role as an ambassador for this charitable cause on her Instagram account.

Together with an enchanting photograph capturing her and her father Chad, she wrote, "TIACS is an extraordinary foundation whose mission closely aligns with my personal values. They offer free, top-notch counseling services to individuals committed to blue-collar industries."

She continued, "Mental health obstacles have undoubtedly impacted me and my family. I have personally witnessed the significance of accessible professional assistance and the transformative power of a simple conversation."

"A conversation has the potential to alter a life. It most definitely did for my dad.

The papa and offspring partnership joined forces to promote understanding for TIACS (This Is A Conversation Starter) that aids artisans and agricultural laborers facing challenges with mental well-being.

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