Increasing awareness of health issues among African American men in Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A multitude of individuals congregated in Livingston Park on Saturday morning to partake in a walk and 5K event, with the goal of spreading awareness regarding the mental and physical well-being of African American males.

Two decades ago, the African American Male Wellness Agency (AAMWA) initiated this event for two specific reasons: to foster a sense of community and to safeguard the lives of Black individuals.

John Gregory, the founder of AAMWA, expressed his sentiment about this momentous occasion, stating, "It signifies a significant achievement for our community as a whole. We have united in a positive and powerful manner, a gesture that carries profound meaning."

This sentiment resonated with participants throughout the event, which unfolded in the very city where the AAMWA was established.

Saturday marked the commencement of a 15-city expedition aimed at improving the health of Black men.

Runner Brennan Waters, who attended the event to lend his support, remarked, "Being able to rally for this cause, not only within my own family but also alongside those who share the same objectives, and witnessing the enormous support for this affinity group is truly astounding."

Livingston Park buzzed with activities centered on the well-being of both men and women, encompassing health screenings, provisions of food and beverages, administration of flu shots, provision of financial resources, and, of course, the walk itself.

In recent years, these events have grown in size as the message has also catalyzed an initiative to assist women of color.

"Our women's initiative, Uplift Her, emerged as a result," noted Natalie Donnally, the Vice President of AAMWA. "We designed it specifically for women of color, recognizing the fact that they are four times more likely to succumb to breast cancer and heart disease."

When the walk and 5K race commenced, a sense of community enveloped the participants. Whether it was through words of encouragement, exchanging high fives with passersby, or distributing water bottles, this camaraderie played a vital role in making this day significant for all involved.

The subject of men's health is one that the agency feels is perpetually neglected. Even as events like this one occur, they implore people to continue engaging in these crucial conversations.

"Just engage and maintain these discussions regularly, you know?" emphasized Perry Jenkins, the AAMWA Coordinator. "Have you undergone screening? When was your last visit to the doctor's office? These simple questions can serve as a catalyst for important conversations."

The agency's next race will take place on August 19 in Cleveland. Meanwhile, back in Columbus, the AAMWA will host a financial wellness summit on October 19.

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