Greg Warmoth's Life is Saved by Getting Something Checked

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ORLANDO, Fla. — November is all about men's well-being, so Channel 9 anchor Greg Warmoth is sharing his narrative in the hopes that it motivates you or someone you know to get examined.


Warmoth's surgeon, Dr. Bruce Haughey, with AdventHealth, stated that taking action led to his identification of lip cancer and, ultimately, saved Warmoth's life.

"So taking no action was not an option. If I did nothing or allowed this to progress, is this something that could have taken my life?" Warmoth questioned.

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"Yes, in the end, it could have, because when they become very large in this area, they then extend to the surrounding region, such as the lymph nodes in the neck, and potentially spread to the rest of the body," Haughey explained.

After attempting topical therapies, Warmoth had to decide between micro-section surgery, 17 superficial radiation therapies, or 30 daily radiation treatments.

"We considered both surgical and non-surgical alternatives, and you sought advice from other experts in those fields," Haughey elaborated. "And, in my opinion, you made a sound decision because we successfully addressed all of the cancerous and pre-cancerous tissue in a single operation."

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"I have heard from numerous individuals, some even sending me pictures, where they have undergone this procedure or a similar one that they otherwise may not have pursued," Warmoth shared. "So I believe that this happened to me so that others might also find some assistance. I don't know if you agree with that, but I personally believe that this occurred for a purpose, given my circumstances."

"Yeah, absolutely," Haughey responded. "I'm glad you're back at the office and back at the anchor desk for your station. But I think things will only get better from here."

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