Giant Mustache Takes Flight Across the Nation in Movember

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Movember is commemorating 20 years

Movember observed their 20th anniversary of altering the appearance of men's well-being for 20 years by soaring a massive mustache across the UK.

For those unfamiliar, Movember is an annual occasion involving the growth of mustaches throughout the month of November to raise consciousness of men's health problems, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide.

On Monday October 30, the renowned Mo took to the skies in the shape of drones, captivating the attention of the nation in true Movember style.

Measuring in at a remarkable 120m wide by 50m high, or approximately the size of a football pitch, 100 drones united to become one enormous mustache to celebrate 20 years of Movember revolutionizing Men's Health.

'The Mo Drone' exhibit flew across four cities up and down the nation, floating above some of the UK's most iconic landmarks to herald the beginning of mustache-growing season. Initiating things in London's scenic Greenwich Park, the drones also made stops at:

  • Stanley Park, Liverpool
  • Inverleith Park, Edinburgh
  • Angel of the North, Newcastle

Credit: Press AssociationSince 2003, Movember has aided in financing over 1,320 projects pertaining to men's health globally.


Anne-Cecile Berthier, UK & EU Country Director for Movember stated: "We've projected mustaches onto iconic structures, but we've never flown a football pitch-sized mustache across the country.

"For 20 years we've challenged the established order. Disrupted men's health research. And financed over 1,320 health projects worldwide to transform the face of men's health. And we're not decelerating any time soon.

"We trust that our campaign will continue to motivate people to participate and contribute to men's health this Movember."

Movember is instigating change, but they require your assistance. Cultivate a mustache, undertake the Move challenge by running or walking 60km, host a virtual event, or devise your own challenge with Mo Your Own Way.

Enroll or contribute now at

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