Fans of the popular morning show undergo emotional distress due to Michael Strahan's unintentional Instagram "scare".

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Michael Strahan rarely stirs up online commotion, but a photograph that he accidentally shared on Instagram managed to upset a few individuals.

On July 18, the news anchor for Good Morning America posted a picture of himself clad in a sharp navy check suit. It turns out that the former NFL star had noticed a peculiar coincidence regarding the upcoming New Year's date, which seemed to feature recurring numbers. He decided to share his discovery with a message that read: "When you realize New Year's Eve this year is... 123123."

But it didn't end there. He expressed his disbelief with emojis as well, captioning the photo as "🤯🤯🤯."

Upon seeing his Instagram picture, many fans expressed their amusement at the serendipitous find. While some laughed at Strahan's combination of his facial expression and message, there were others who interpreted the image differently.

"Don't scare me like that Michael! I thought this was an RIP post 😩," one individual commented. "Same. I did a double take," replied another. "😂 Mike will live forever!!! Go Birds 🦅 but Mike is a beast in his day. Mad respect," chimed in a different follower.

Although Strahan did not respond to his fans' concerns for him, he did offer a hint about other projects he's working on leading up to the New Year. Two days later, the television personality shared a series of photos on Instagram that showcased his promotion of his custom-made suits under the Michael Strahan Brand, which are available at Men's Wearhouse.

If that wasn't enough, Strahan also reminded viewers that he is returning to primetime this summer for the latest episodes of $100,000 Pyramid. Furthermore, he continues to fulfill his daily daytime responsibilities. He uploaded a video montage featuring moments of him on the air with his fellow co-hosts on Good Morning America.

Despite not intending to cause his fans distress, Strahan is fortunately safe and active on the internet.

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