Episode 4 of 'Gen V' Unveils Excessive Genital Explosion Scene: A Detailed Explanation

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The following narrative contains spoilers for Gen V Episode 4, "The Whole Truth."

WELL, SOMEHOW THEY achieved it. After Gen V commenced with a perspective-altering enormous/small penis sexual encounter in its premiere episode—showcasing Emma's (Lizze Broadway) Ant-Man-like abilities—in one would reckon this series would have exhausted its on-screen penis antics. One would assume so. However, one would be extremely mistaken, as the fourth episode of The Boys spinoff, titled "The Whole Truth," took the bizarre penis predicaments to a whole new level in an entirely unforeseen (and somewhat mentally scarring) manner.

gen v penis explosion

Let's swiftly establish the context: our protagonist, Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) is in search of both her cohabitant, Emma (who was dispatched by Andre to save Luke's sibling, Sam, from the captivity/institution/hospital called "The Woods"), and her sister, whom she hasn't encountered since a tragic incident involving superpowers claimed the lives of their parents during their childhood. And so she approaches Rufus (Alexander Calvert), an exceedingly peculiar individual who nonetheless possesses various psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

Rufus becomes immediately repulsive, making odd "quips," leering at Marie from head to toe, and suggesting that she could offer sexual favors in exchange for his assistance with his powers (a "joke," he insists). He briefly begins to aid Marie before insisting that she needs to get physically closer to him because he requires a "stronger connection," presumably with her and the individuals she is seeking. Then Marie loses consciousness.

As soon as Marie regains consciousness, we regain our awareness, and things have taken an even weirder turn; Jordan is vigorously knocking on the door, "True" by Spandau Ballet is playing, Rufus is draped in a loosely tied kimono (exposing his entire penis) shouting "I'm occupied!" while a groggy Marie is just awakening to this scene.

Rufus asserts that appearances can be deceiving, but in an act that seems almost instinctual to Marie (she later informs Jordan that she has "no clue" how she accomplished it), her Blood Magneto powers infiltrate Rufus' body—precisely into his genitals.

The crimson fluid travels to his phallus, and it circulates, and circulates, and circulates, and circulates, enlarging until Jordan—utilizing their own extraordinary power—smashes through the entrance, startling Marie, and causing Rufus' reproductive organ to physically burst.

rufus gen v penis explode

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That's correct individuals. An exploding phallus. Blood, phallus pieces, all over the place. A completely obliterated phallus for someone who seemed to be a super-powered sexual agitator (Jordan referred to him as a "walking Rufenal" as they departed and Rufus sobbed in agony, maybe making his name appear a bit too obvious). You've heard the phrase "body horror" previously, usually reserved for the movies of someone like David Cronenberg, where a person gruesomely transforms into a creature resembling a fly throughout the duration of the film, or dissolves into a pile of flesh, or anything of that sort. But perhaps we need to begin discussing "phallus horror" with the shows of The Boys universe because it consistently does peculiar, strange, and captivating things with male anatomy. (The most noteworthy other instance of "phallus horror" that comes to mind right now is when Quentin Tarantino, playing a rapist in Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, has his phallus disintegrate. It's repulsive and bizarre and superb!)

This is a new accomplishment for The Boys universe, which we have already established displayed a miniature colossal phallus in the Gen V premiere, and in the past has had a scene where another superhero causes a complete body explosion from inside a phallus. But somehow, the more intimate nature of this one felt even more vivid. It simply burst!

There's one aspect about this scene—and this episode—that we should take note of, though. Keep in mind that Jordan was observing Marie and Rufus during their initial encounter, and Rufus told Marie "it's not what it seems" when she first regained consciousness after blacking out. We have no legitimate reason to believe him in this predicament, but it is the way the episode concludes that causes us to doubt just a little.

After Marie, Andre, an oversized Emma, and the remaining God U youngsters were attempting to restrain Sam at Dr. Cardosa's house, Marie was in the middle of a sentence assuring Sam they would shield him—only to be abruptly silenced, specifically during the word "shield."

She woke up at an undisclosed time later, in bed with Jordan (the two engaged in a sexual encounter earlier in the episode). Jordan's abilities—which we know include changing genders and some kind of invulnerability—have been somewhat ambiguously defined up until now. Could they possibly have the power to make someone lose consciousness? Is there something else happening here, or is Rufus simply a genuine deviant? Or is this solely a Marie thing? We'll need to continue watching Gen V to find out.

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