Core-Blasting Dumbbell Workout: An Intense 5-Step Routine

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Not everybody desires to engage in burpees in the confines of their own living space, we understand. For those seeking a greater challenge and aiming to push themselves using only a pair of dumbbells, this 5-move workout with low impact will infuse some much-needed energy into your routine.

Elite coach John Chapman from Men's Health introduces a program that targets every muscle in your body and provides expert advice to maximize your gains. "The primary objective of this low impact dumbbell workout is to introduce instability in order to enhance our stability, core strength, performance, and resilience against injuries," explains Chapman. "How do we achieve this? By incorporating unilateral exercises (utilizing one arm or leg) or by engaging the opposite side of the body."

Prepare your dumbbells and let's get started.

The Workout

  90 seconds of rest between each set

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat - 10 reps each side, 3 sets

  Chapman's recommendation: "While seated, extend one leg straight ahead. This will serve as a helpful guide for positioning your front foot. With your back foot elevated on a bench, with the laces facing down, shift your weight onto your front leg and perform a lunge while lowering your back knee towards the floor. The majority of your weight should be on the front leg. It is permissible to lean forward, but maintaining proper spinal alignment is crucial. Keep your feet hip-width apart to facilitate balance; we don't want you teetering on a tightrope."

Split Stance Dumbbell RDL - 10 reps each side, 3 sets

  Chapman's recommendation: "Kick your back leg backward and position the ball of your foot on the ground, approximately 4-6 inches behind the other foot. Push your hips back and allow your chest to face the floor, ensuring that your movement originates from the hips and the back remains straight. Lower the dumbbells alongside your shin until you feel a stretch in the front leg. Then, utilizing your glutes, hamstrings, and back erectors, stand back up straight.

Single Arm Dumbbell Press on Glute Bridge - 10 repetitions per side, 3 sets

Chapman's recommendation: 'Lie on a bench with your shoulder blades resting on it and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Extend your hips and perform a single arm dumbbell press. There are two options: you can keep both feet on the floor or lift one knee to intensify the work on the glutes of the standing leg.'


Bird Dog Row - 10 repetitions per side, 3 sets

Chapman's recommendation: 'Get on all fours and extend your opposite leg towards the hand that holds the dumbbell. Lift your leg parallel to your back to activate the glute muscles. Lower the dumbbell off the bench and row it back towards your hip. This exercise is excellent for core and lat strength. Be careful when lowering the dumbbell as it may try to pull you off the bench. Don't grip the bench, instead, keep your palm open to engage your core. The weight used will be lower than in a regular single arm dumbbell row.'

Renegade Press-Up Row - 8 repetitions per side, 3 sets

Chapman's recommendation: 'Start with a press-up. After returning to the high plank position, row one dumbbell towards your hip. Prepare for another press-up and repeat the process on the other side. If needed, you can alternate between rowing each side and performing a half number of press-up repetitions. Keep your feet wide apart during the row to minimize hip rotation and prevent the opposite foot from lifting off the floor. As you progress, bring your feet closer together.'

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