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2023-11-18 00:07:59 - Dr. Sam Nine Dr. Sam Nine is a renowned urologist with over 20 years of experience in the field. Recognizing the need for more resources dedicated to men's sexual health, he created With his commitment to providing accurate information and fostering open discussions, he has become a pioneering figure in promoting healthier, stigma-free attitudes towards men's health.

Western Bulldogs champion Tom Liberatore and Coles representative and chef Michael Weldon launch the Coles 2023 Movember campaign. Picture: CONTRIBUTED Coles supermarkets are taking action to support the leading men's health charity, Movember, with a variety of special items available in stores and online throughout the month of November.

The initiative aims to generate funds for essential men's health programs, focusing on mental well-being and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

Among the products being introduced to support Movember is the popular Coles Movember donut, which will return to bakery shelves.

For each pack sold, 10 cents will be donated to Movember. Additionally, 50 cents from every purchase of men's deodorant and grooming products from well-known brands like Lynx, Rexona, Dove, Gillette, Nivea, L'Oreal, Brut, and KOi for Men will contribute to funding important men's health initiatives.

As we approach summer, Coles also encourages friends to come together and host special Mo-ments. For every transaction that includes the purchase of both a select Coles Burger Sauce and a Coles Beef BBQ Burgers 10-pack, $1 will be donated to Movember, with a maximum contribution of $25,000.

Furthermore, a 10 cent donation to Movember will be made for the sale of any MasterFoods tomato or BBQ sauce, with a total contribution of up to ,000.

This includes the new range of premium American-style BBQ sauces called Born in the Flames, exclusively available at Coles.

All funds raised between November 1st and November 30th through these initiatives at Coles will assist in addressing the complex health issues that affect men today.

Tom Liberatore, a Western Bulldogs champion recognized for his renowned AFL moustache, has expressed his support for the Movember campaign at Coles.

He encourages everyone to participate by growing a moustache, hosting an event, undertaking a physical challenge, or simply purchasing a participating product or making a donation at Coles.

Coles Group General Manager Corporate and Indigenous Affairs, Sally Fielke, expressed the company's pride in being a Major Partner of Movember.

Since 2010, Coles has already raised over $2.9 million for the charity, thanks to the support of customers, team members, and suppliers.

Movember Director of Partnerships and New Business, Kieran Ryan, expressed gratitude for Coles' ongoing support, emphasizing how the donations received assist in funding crucial men's health initiatives such as Victoria University's 'Sons of the West' program, facilitated by the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation.

Another initiative supported by Movember is 'Ahead of the Game,' a youth mental fitness and resilience training program reaching 60,000 boys and girls in community football clubs across Australia.

In addition to its efforts to raise funds for Movember, Coles is also an official presenting partner for the AFL and Movember's Ahead of the Game (AOTG) program.

Implemented since June this year, AOTG is the largest mental health literacy and resilience program in youth sport globally.

It has already conducted 188 workshops at more than 35 community football clubs across Australia.

Coles hopes that by offering various ways to contribute, customers and the community can make a difference to this significant cause, whether it's donating at the checkout, hosting a BBQ, or purchasing men's deodorant and grooming products throughout November.

Collectively, their objective is to indelibly influence the promotion and provision of assistance pertaining to the well-being of males within Australia.

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