Chris Hemsworth's Alarming Discovery Triggers Significant Lifestyle Transformations.

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Los Angeles [US], October 7 (ANI): Actor Chris Hemsworth is dedicating his full attention to his well-being.

In an interview with Men's Health, Hemsworth disclosed that he has implemented significant changes to his lifestyle after discovering his heightened susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease, as reported by Fox News.

"Now, I'm integrating more solitude into my life," Hemsworth, 40, shared.

"I've always been fairly consistent with my exercise commitments, but recently I've really acknowledged the significance of carving out time for oneself devoid of any external influence or stimuli and making space for tranquility," he added.

The Thor star now allocates more time for "mindfulness practices." "I engage in a lot of meditation and breathwork, mostly during sauna and ice bath rituals," he added.

"For me, my preferred mindfulness practices stem from engaging in physical activities that allow me to be fully present and compel me to escape from my thoughts and focus on my physical sensations, particularly surfing."

In a discussion with longevity physician Dr. Peter Attia, Hemsworth learned that he is eight to 10 times more prone than the average person to developing Alzheimer's disease.

"We conducted all kinds of blood tests," Attia informs Hemsworth on the show. "And you possess two copies of APOE4. One from your mother and the other from your father."

APOE4 is the gene that displays the strongest association with the development of Alzheimer's disease; nonetheless, very little is known about it.

At the time, Attia conveyed to the Australian actor, "I firmly believe that by adopting every conceivable measure, we can reduce your risk to the level of an average individual."

Since then, Hemsworth has made his well-being a top priority. (ANI)

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