Certified Trainers and a Podiatrist Test and Approve the Top 14 Comfortable Sneakers for Men

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Most Comfortable Daily Footwear

New Balance 574 Core

Most Comfortable Daily Footwear

574 Core

New Balance 574 Core

Refer to it as a father shoe if you prefer, but the New Balance 574 is an absolute timeless classic. It combines running shoe credentials dating back to 1988 with endorsements from some of our preferred men's fashion brands, like Todd Snyder and J.Crew. Its Encap heel and arch support design is as efficient now as it was three decades ago.

Contemporary running shoes decrease weight by utilizing modern materials, but the 574 still employs elements from the '80s era, which sacrifices weight for enhanced longevity. This makes it an excellent choice for everyday footwear. It also helps that the 574 complements any outfit.

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Our health editors consider Brooks' Ghost line among the top stability running shoes they've tested.

Now in its fifteenth iteration, every small aspect has been tested in real-life conditions to achieve nearly flawless results. Assistance, bounce, feedback on the road, flexibility, minimal resistance, space for the toes – it's all abundantly present.

Men's Health fashion director Ted Stafford is a supporter of the Ghost because, "It's unbelievably lightweight, cozy, and accessible in approximately thirty-six shades for utmost accessorizing," he stated. That styling flexibility is a quality that most other running shoes simply cannot rival.

Hoka has established its reputation as the "King of Cushion" due to trainers like the Rincon 3, a fantastic everyday trainer that is both light in weight and incredibly receptive. One of our fashion editors mentions that it feels more energetic than the Clifton 9, another Hoka flagship model, during speed runs, but it strikes a remarkable balance between cushioning and connection with the ground.

Dr. Schaeffer highly recommends the Rincon 3 and asserts that it is also excellent for individuals who spend all day on their feet, as its abundant cushioning could alleviate a variety of foot conditions. We also appreciate the sleek, low-profile design which allows easy pairing with everything from jeans to joggers.

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Cloudboom Echo 3

Most Comfortable Premium Sneaker

On Running Cloudboom Echo 3

Most Comfortable Premium Sneaker

On Running Cloudboom Echo 3

"On continues to demonstrate that you receive what you invest in," states Men's Health fashion director Ted Stafford

Its top-notch Cloudboom Echo 3 showcases advanced foam technology to maximize energy rebound for an extremely bouncy stride. Not only does it amplify your running performance, it exudes a remarkable aesthetic appeal.

The trendy trainers from Switzerland have established the benchmark for fashionable sneakers in recent times, and we can assure you that the Cloudboom Echo 3 is worth every cent. Whether you intend to use it for jogging, working out at the gym, or simply strolling around on a daily basis, your feet will express their gratitude for this particular shoe.

Talene Appleton, our fitness and commerce editor who is NASM-CPT certified, also declares that this represents the best lightweight running shoe offered by the brand. "Weighing a mere 7.65 ounces, it is astonishingly lightweight, primarily due to the implementation of a Carbon Speedboard and other cutting-edge materials," she remarked during her testing. "The exaggerated rocker shape delivers a more forceful rebound, while the sleek upper and reinforced cushioning in the forefoot guarantee optimal comfort, even during extensive road runs."

GrandPrø Crew Wingtip Sneakers

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Most Comfortable Formal Sneaker

Cole Haan GrandPrø Crew Wingtip Sneakers

Most Comfortable Formal Sneaker

Cole Haan GrandPrø Crew Wingtip Sneakers

Straddling the realm between a sneaker and an oxford shoe like a highwire performer, the GrandPrø Crew Wingtip represents the most comfortable wintip footwear we have ever experienced.

The leather upper showcases a formal shoe tip, yet features a cushioned ankle in the style of a sports shoe. Despite its sturdy sole, it is remarkably lightweight due to an exclusive FlowerFlow EVA substance crafted with 24% dandelion.

Our style editors appreciate this office shoe because it's sufficiently formal to meet most dress codes while providing the same comfort as our beloved walking shoes. The wingtip leather upper and thick sole complement dress pants or a complete suit splendidly. If you desire a more formal option, opt for the black-on-black color scheme.

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Most Stylish Comfortable Sneakers


Koio Capri

Most Stylish Comfortable Sneakers

Koio Capri

Made by hand in Italy using premium leather and recycled rubber, Koio employs a level of artistry typically associated with formal shoes. The Capri is one of the most fashionable leather sneakers we've examined since it possesses an elegant and uncomplicated design. Moreover, it offers exceptional comfort due to an OrthoLite® Hybrid™ insole.

All white sneakers complement formal attire admirably, but we would like to emphasize that white sneakers with gum soles are even more fitting.

Baja Slip On Original

The juxtaposition offers a appearance nearer to a shoe for formal occasions while still maintaining a sharp and impeccable aspect. The Capri is arguably the ultimate illustration available due to its remarkable level of comfort.

SeaVees Baja Slip On Original

Where most trainers accomplish coziness by constructing layers of support and cushioning, SeaVees achieves the task with a minimalist design. The linen canvas upper is exceptionally lightweight and breathable, practically shaping to your foot like a sock. While the memory foam footbed offers a slight bounce with each stride. You also benefit from remarkably good traction provided by the vulcanized rubber outsole.

Our fashion editors would highlight the Baja Slip On as an indispensable summer footwear due to its uncomplicated, airy, and timeless design. Yet, it functions perfectly throughout the year in most climates. This is simply the most effortless shoe to wear, surpassing expectations when it comes to comfort.

X Ultra 4

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Most Comfortable Off-Road Running Sneaker

Salomon X Ultra 4

Most Comfortable Off-Road Running Sneaker

line break

Salomon X Ultra 4

Currently on Sale with a 25% Discount

Stafford characterizes the X Ultra 4 as being "lightweight, nimble, and sturdy meet resilient, technical, and adhesive (as in "grippy")." That encompasses all the qualities you desire in a high-quality trail running shoe. Its framework offers ideal support without constraining your range of motion.

In terms of trail runners, comfort is just as much about preventing the entry of external elements as it is about what lies inside. Salomon utilizes a Gore-Tex lining to prevent moisture ingress, which is equally advantageous for slippery city streets or rain-soaked trails.

Sport 1

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6 Additional Sneakers for Enhanced Comfort

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Nike rates the support as High and the cushioning as Super High for the Invincible 3, and you can feel it with each stride. "The crucial element is the foam, which is exceptionally springy and responsive—and the revamp from the first two versions of the model actually gives it a fashionable appearance even when not on the road," mentioned Senior Editor Brett Williams during his testing.

From a fashion standpoint, we are enthusiasts of the Invincible 3 because it is available in 10 different color variations, all of which showcase Nike's distinct design. If that's not enough, you also have the option to customize your own color combination.

MBT Sport 1

MBT Sport 1

Orthopedic footwear doesn't necessarily possess the most fashionable reputation, but MBT is striving to change that perspective.

Jogger X81

The self-proclaimed "physiological footwear" label can go head-to-head with many of the largest athletic brands in appearance. When it comes to coziness, the Sport 1 is an unequivocal standout.

Brown, Podiatrist, highly recommends MBT. "I personally don these when strolling around, remaining, exercises," he stated. "They accomplish everything, in my perspective." The brand is creating some of the most cozy day-to-day kicks at the moment, and ought to be on your radar.

Asics Runner X81

Asics Jogger X81

Asics executes retro running shoes with the best of them. In the case of the Runner X81, you obtain a mix of throw back appearances with contemporary convenience. The uppers are entirely inspired by the Japanese brand's golden era of the late '70s and early '80s. Which is juxtaposed by an cutting-edge outsole that offers extraordinary spring and cushioning.

This is a showy day-to-day tennis shoe that delivers sufficient convenience. We would not run a 5K in them, yet they make terrific informal sneakers. There is a comforting weight to them that you do not get with light-weight fitness instructors.

Rio Branco Sneaker

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If you have not heard of Craft Sportswear, after that you seriously require to try these sneakers. "Premium enough for elite joggers, yet accessible enough for everyday trainers," states Stafford.

The Nordlite Ultra showcases an exclusive insole for optimal satisfaction and significant bounce back.

or style with their Rio Branco Sneaker. Crafted with eco-friendly materials and designed with a sleek silhouette, these sneakers offer optimal foot support and cushioning. Whether you're strolling through the city streets or hitting the gym, these sneakers will keep your feet feeling great while also minimizing your carbon footprint.

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Nike Shoes

Stay Linked with Nike

Nike Shoes

The Rio Branco is among the brand's iconic designs, and the Alveo Mesh iteration is even more lightweight and breathable compared to its previous models. Despite boasting a nostalgic appearance, this comfortable sneaker makes use of contemporary sustainable materials such as upcycled polyester, rice waste, and sugarcane.

Our style editors admire Vejo because of the exceptional craftsmanship of each shoe. You receive top-notch quality at an affordable price, which is always a delightful bargain. Moreover, the Rio Branco exhibits remarkable versatility, making it suitable for practically any ensemble.

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Selection Process

  • Dr. Brad Scheffer, D.P.M., is a certified foot surgeon affiliated with Central Park Sole in New York City.
  • Ted Stafford serves as the fashion director of Men's Health.

Selection ProcessBrad Lanphear possesses over a decade of expertise in testing and styling men's shoes, including comfortable sneakers. Alongside Deputy Commerce Editor Christian Gollayan, he rigorously examined over 30 comfortable sneakers, assessing their arch support, insole comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, they sought product recommendations from Dr. Scheffer and meticulously scoured through hundreds of highly-rated reviews from trusted e-commerce platforms. Furthermore, they extensively reviewed various discussions on Reddit, such as r/malefashionadvice, to obtain impartial opinions regarding the most comfortable sneakers currently available for purchase.

Brad Lanphear

Contributing Commerce Style Writer

Brad contributes as a style commerce editor. After spending ten years in the fashion industry working for brands like J.Crew and Ralph Lauren, he transitioned from selling fashion to writing about it. His written pieces have appeared in Huckberry, Heddels, and The Manual.

Expert consulted:Bradley Schaeffer, DPM

Podiatrist & Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Bradley Schaeffer, DPM, is an authorized podiatrist and foot surgeon specializing in athletics medicine, foot and ankle reconstructive surgery, rejuvenating medicine, and aesthetic procedures. He appears on the renowned TLC show My Feet Are Killing Me. 

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