Busta Rhymes' Journey into Manhood: Empowered by Hip-Hop

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In a candid conversation with Men's Health, Busta Rhymes, the 51-year-old rapper, delved into how Hip-Hop and his journey as a father played pivotal roles in his personal growth and transition into manhood.

Reflecting on his involvement with Leaders of the New School, a renowned Hip-Hop collective based in New York that he joined back in 1986, Busta Rhymes disclosed, "Among the members, I was the youngest to embrace fatherhood. This compelled me to comprehend the gravity of assuming the responsibilities of a mature man."

The birth of his firstborn, T'Ziah, three decades ago to his ex-girlfriend Joanne Wood marked a turning point in the musician's life. Subsequently, he embraced fatherhood four more times, becoming a parent to Mariah, T'Khi, Cacie, and Trillian, aged 25, 24, 24, and 22, respectively.

"Hip-Hop bestowed upon me the means to embrace the roles of a father and a man. However, it came with an inherent bitter-sweetness, necessitating separation from my precious child," revealed Busta Rhymes, known in the music industry as Trevor Smith Jr. "In order to fulfill my duties as a provider, I had to forgo countless enchanting moments with my beloved child."

The rapper acknowledged that his skillset did not align with the conventional nine-to-five job, which hindered his ability to support his offspring effectively. "My aptitude wasn't tailored to allow me to be present with my child while fulfilling their material necessities. It just didn't align, you know?" he elucidated. "Being able to awaken my son, prepare breakfast, dress him up, drive him to school, work throughout the day, return at five, assist him with his homework, and read him a bedtime story – alas, I didn't possess the required skillset to deliver on those fronts."

Tragically, Leaders of the New School disbanded in 1994, marking the end of an era.

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