Breakfast by Men’s Health sparks engaging discussions.

2023-09-08 00:35:49 - Dr. Sam Nine Dr. Sam Nine is a renowned urologist with over 20 years of experience in the field. Recognizing the need for more resources dedicated to men's sexual health, he created With his commitment to providing accurate information and fostering open discussions, he has become a pioneering figure in promoting healthier, stigma-free attitudes towards men's health.

The Waves Sports Club participants Antonia Castro, Noel Stitt, and David Batt with guest of honor Darius Boyd. By Angela Norval

It was a remarkable moment not just for attendees but also for visiting speaker Darius Boyd when Shalom College, in collaboration with Brave Brothers, organized their inaugural Men's Well-being Breakfast on Thursday 31 August.

With 150 individuals present, the breakfast raised an impressive $3000 for Brave Brothers, funds that will contribute to the charity's initiatives addressing men's health, suicide prevention, and domestic violence.

As a distinguished invitee, Darius Boyd expressed his enthusiasm for being part of the Men's Health Breakfast.


“Having Courageous Siblings managing director David Facer and the team there as the local nonprofit was significant as it provides the community with a familiar face and an understanding of the assistance accessible,” Darius said.

“Courageous Siblings have several available resources and it was fantastic that Shalom College brought all of this together for a cooperative morning.”

David stated that the breakfast was an excellent chance for attendees to learn a bit about men's wellness in a more male-focused manner.

“We have received positive feedback and offers of support from the breakfast, but ultimately it is crucial for well-known role models to have the bravery to speak out as it really helps destigmatize issues faced by regular individuals and encourage seeking help.

“Darius was a composed and calculated speaker and you could sense the authentic lived experience in his responses. He was able to blend his athletic career with his personal life, providing a glimpse into his vulnerability and how he copes with ongoing challenges.”

This recognition of Darius Boyd and his ability to openly share his story was also gratifying for Shalom College principal Dan McMahon, who stated that regardless of Darius' exceptional sporting background, he has an incredible tale to tell.

“He was transparent and sincere and was able to connect effectively with a wide audience,” Dan said.

“It's important for anyone, but particularly for men, to see that it is acceptable to be transparent and sincere.

“As a general rule, men do not discuss their vulnerabilities.

“To hear someone do so, especially someone who had such an illustrious sporting career, was a privilege.

“Darius powerfully traced his personal journey and his public journey for all those who were able to attend.

“We were very pleased to partner with Courageous Siblings, who are gaining momentum locally in Men's Health.

“They are a grassroots organization in Bundaberg, reaching out to local men and helping them become better individuals.

“This would not have been possible without the support of our generous major sponsors, The Waves Sports Club, Rum City Foods, and FootMotion, whose support was greatly appreciated.”

One guest who was particularly moved by this breakfast and hearing Darius speak was Shalom College year 12 student Daniel Cavanagh, who said that hearing Darius Boyd's story was incredibly inspiring, knowing that someone with so many challenges could overcome them and become such a successful athlete.

“Having someone like Darius come to a regional area like Bundaberg just shows how he wants to spread awareness about mental health and inspire everyone he can to help them with their struggles,” Daniel said.

“It's interesting because the importance of mental health and checking in on others has been emphasized more and more lately, and it's great that Shalom College has worked together with Courageous Siblings to make helping people with mental health issues the norm in Bundaberg.

“Darius Boyd's entire story is incredible to hear. He is very articulate, and I will definitely remember some of his wise words about life for the future.”

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