Beau van Erven Dorens voices criticism on Jaap Reesema's Men's Health cover.

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Jaap Reesema (38) will soon appear on the cover of 'Men's Health'. He claims he will never become a muscular hunk like Arie Boomsma (49), but he does want to feel better in his own skin for the photoshoot. However, Beau van Erven Dorens (52) raises a critical note about that on 'Casa di Beau'.

"On one hand, you give a good example, and on the other hand, you give a questionable example."

Jaap's management recently informed RTL Boulevard that the shoot, originally scheduled for September, has been rescheduled "in good consultation" due to his busy work schedule in the summer. The exact date of Jaap's appearance on the Men's Health cover is still unknown.

Beau asks Jaap for his opinion on the criticism that the Men's Health cover models present a certain ideal image. "There are young people who think that's the body they should strive for," he quotes the critics.

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The singer, who previously weighed 112 kilograms at his peak, makes it clear that he hopes to convey a realistic image. "That's why I don't want to stand absurdly on that cover, but I want to show that it's possible," he says about the 'metamorphosis'. "And if that motivates even one person a little bit, then I think something has already been gained. Of course, there should be a bit of balance, just like with everything else."

"On one hand, you set a good example, and on the other hand, you also naturally give a questionable example because you're basically saying: this is the ideal body and this is how you should look. And to do that, you have to work incredibly hard," Beau continues his counterargument. Jaap can't help but agree somewhat. "It also often happens in a very short time, which is of course not good," he says about his training schedule, which he has therefore put on hold.

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It is a sensitive subject for Angela Schijf, who is also a guest in Italy and joins the conversation. "I actually strive for us to talk about it less," she says when Beau says he strives for a athletic and flexible body like hers. "Not so much about my body, but in general. I'm in a phase where I think, let's just be healthy." Angela previously candidly talked about her eating disorder.

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