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(intro) As the foremost organization addressing men’s psychological well-being and the prevention of suicides, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer on a global scale, Movember is aiding in effecting change, as Harper Sercombe discovered.

Men’s well-being is in a state of emergency. On a global scale, men pass away at an average of four and a half years earlier than women, and for reasons that can largely be prevented.

In its endeavor to halt premature male mortality, Movember financially supports innovative health initiatives, bringing together experts from all over the world to expedite research, progress, and transformation.

Throughout the year, Movember dedicates its efforts to raising funds and awareness, culminating in a month-long annual event of cultivating mustaches during what was once known as November.

The month of Movember is globally recognized for its lively and disruptive approach to fundraising, as well as the distinctive ways in which it inspires men to take action for their well-being.

This Movember, the people of Melbourne's north-west are uniting in support of men and their welfare.

Globally, on average, one man dies by suicide every minute, every day, and in Australia, over six men die by suicide each day.

Although these statistics are alarming, they hold more than numerical significance for those who have experienced the loss of loved ones or friends like Ronald Findlay, who is raising funds with the Broadmeadows Broncos Basketball Association this Movember.

This marks Mr. Findlay's inaugural mustache-growing endeavor in support of men's health, and although he admitted that it may not look as impressive as he had hoped, the underlying message makes it all worthwhile.

"I am immensely proud to be involved. There have been recent incidents that have truly highlighted how worthy this cause is," he expressed.

"I have grown this questionable mustache, and it's not the best, but I am doing my utmost, and it's all for a commendable cause.

"I have lost a couple of people to suicide recently, people whom I was quite close to.

"This includes a dear friend whom I have known for two decades and with whom I played football. He was a co-worker, and he took his own life. It was devastating. He was a 46-year-old man with three children and a wonderful wife.

"I attended his funeral recently, and there were 1600 attendees, with tattooed men standing beside me in tears.

"There was another incident involving someone else who was overwhelmed by the pressures of life and ended their own life.

"I am around 50 years old, and these individuals were in their late 40s. It's simply heartbreaking. I hadn't been accustomed to something like this; it wasn't a significant part of my life to witness friends in such situations, taking such actions. It truly struck a chord."

Raising funds and awareness as part of a team spreads the powerful message of connection and looking out for one another, which is advocated by Movember.

Those unable to grow mustaches can contribute by participating in activities like running, walking, and cycling to help promote the cause.

"Some of the women [at the Broncos] joined in as part of the team," Mr. Findlay shared.

"Some of those women are nurses, and they witness a great deal regarding raising awareness for prostate cancer and suicide.

"However, as we are aware, men do not typically engage in conversations about such matters.

"One of the other gentlemen in the group, Matt Pitt, joined in because I shared my experiences with him.

Another club similar to Craigieburn have recently experienced individuals who have been involved in certain incidents as well with individuals managing mental health.

"It spreads awareness to the club, and the kids observe me coaching... and they find amusement in my mustache and I clarify that I'm participating in Movember. It simply enhances more and more awareness.

"And it's not solely about the adults, it's also about the kids gaining a better comprehension of what we're doing and why."

To date, the Broncos have raised slightly over $2000 of their $5000 objective.

"If we reached five grand, that would be fantastic," he stated.

"It's a beneficial cause for Broady and for me personally."

It's not only local sporting clubs that are contributing to raise funds and awareness for the cause, but also star Essendon ruckman Sam Draper, who will also be participating in Movember in 2023.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the 25-year-old has committed to the charity, after raising over $13,000 since 2019.

For Draper, the charity is one that strongly resonates with him personally.

"I've been involved in Movember for a few years now and I adore what they stand for. It's a movement for guys to take care of their health and surpass mere banter, to engage in open discussions about their mental and physical well-being," Draper expressed.

"Within my profession, there can be a multitude of mental challenges. It's a high-pressure environment and it can be extremely demanding at times, so it's extremely important for myself and my teammates to prioritize our mental well-being.

"I do acknowledge that there are numerous individuals who suffer in silence, and the perception surrounding this matter has been increasingly positive, but I believe we still have a lengthy path ahead."

Draper's fundraising objective is $5000, after collecting 75 in 2022.

To donate to Draper or Mr. Findlay and the Broncos, visit au.movember.com/donate/ and search for their names.

If you or someone you know is grappling with mental health concerns and requires immediate assistance, reach out to Lifeline at 13 11 14 or the Suicide Call Back Service at 1300 659 467 or Beyond Blue at 1300 224 636.

If you ever feel concerned about someone's life being in immediate jeopardy, call 000 or directly contact emergency services.

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