A Ride on Decathlon's Revolutionary Electric Bicycle (and a Journey Filled with Innovation)

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I am not a great cyclist, but when it comes to taking a ride in the outskirts of Lille (France), at one of the headquarters and factories of Decathlon, to test their revolutionary electric bicycle, the B'Twin LD 920 E, it is impossible to refuse.

According to experts, by using one of the first fully automatic motors, basically similar to those in cars, it allows for much smoother pedaling without getting stuck or feeling like you're "changing gears". I was a bit hesitant about e-bikes because of the "rattling" of those rented in places like Madrid, their weight, and dependence on the battery, but I have to keep quiet now. It can go up to 150 kilometers on a single charge, depending on the selected mode of operation (Eco, Standard, or Boost), a very lightweight aluminum frame, and that continuously variable automatic motor with automatic gear shifting –the first motor assembled by Decathlon, which they have been working on since 2012, and which they have named Owuru aka Pantera, for some reason–, where the electronics make the decisions for the rider, without having to make any effort at traffic lights or hills, and requires little maintenance –you can ride 20,000 km without changing any parts. A push of the pedal, and let the wind take you. The rest can be found on its screen, full of connectivity, and with a strong anti-theft system... Every year, 10,000 bikes disappear in France and 10% are never found!

Decathlon Automatic Urban Electric Bike

Decathlon Automatic Urban Electric Bike

The protagonist of a new era, something like an industrial revolution, perfect for everyday life in the city, it was also the star of their Reveal Innovation Awards in 2022, an annual event aimed at showcasing their most outstanding innovations, some of which have transformed and modernized the practices of countless athletes.

Bicicleta eléctrica urbana automática

By sheer coincidence, after the walk, it was time to see which products came out on top this year...

Spacesaver, una maleta de 85 litros que se pliega en 4 y que ya se puede guardar sin dramas en el altillo; la Condensless Technology, un método de colocación de aluminio en la tela para nuestras tiendas de campaña que la hace más transpirable y más impermeable; Yulex 100, una alternativa para el neopreno más respetuosa con el medio ambiente hecho con caucho natural; y el Subea Kitcom, un sistema de comunicación para su ya icónica máscara Easybreath, que conecta a dos personas mientras hacen snorkel.

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