50 Cent Worried About Only Achieving Success on TV Once: 'I'm Afraid of That Stuff'

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50 Coin has achieved significant accomplishments in television, and he attributes his record-breaking successes to insecurities about having a short-lived rule rather than a lengthy one.

"Creating a hit is insufficient for me," Fif expressed in an interview with Brian J. Roberts on Friday (August 18). "When I obtain one, I'm cringing [sic] to acquire the subsequent one. While Power is functioning independently, I proceed to do The Oath on Sony Crackle, right, just to possess something else."

"It's simply because I needed something else there — if not, you're a one-hit marvel," he conceded. "I'm frightened of that stuff."

According to the G-Unit mogul, The Oath was the highest-rated series on its platform during its initial launch. Consequently, he could distance himself further from the concern of having a solitary run in the television realm.

He concluded with an analogy, elucidating: "The only reason why a pimp desires more than one doe is because one doe is so close to no does — even in that world, bro, like he wants more around because you're left with nothing."

Take a look at 50's acknowledgment below:

50 Coin recently expanded on the upcoming 8 Mile TV series he's working on, asserting that it will be just as popular as the legendary Eminem film. He initially announced the project in January, conveying to Big Boy's Neighborhood that he hopes the series will assist in further bolstering Eminem's already impenetrable "legacy."

"We're in motion," 50 shared at the time. "It's going to be enormous. I'm working. I don't have any failures. I'm batting a hundred... I believe it should be there for [Eminem's] legacy because it's significant to me that they comprehend it."

While he has kept quiet about the show's progress since then, Fif shed more light on it in an interview with Men's Health earlier this month, indicating that his 8 Mile revival is on course to be just as momentous as the 2002 film.

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“I’m developing the 8 Mile film into a series,” 50 initiated. “So this stuff is anticipated to be equally as enormous as the feature film, just massive. It’ll be massive. The interest in it is because the time period of 8 Mile was capturing per the bat, so as we move it into modern times you’ll witness things about how we function now, how technology altered the way people enter the music business.”

He persisted: “This is why you don’t see groups in the music business. You observe so many individual artists because there’s no artist development. They used to take time, locate Justin Timberlake over here, this guy from over here, bring this guy then we got NSYNC. Then we got Backstreet [Boys], then we got all of these cool boy bands because you put all of that talent into one show.”

Throughout 2022, 50 Cent’s expanding media domain broadened beyond his collaboration with STARZ to encompass agreements with multiple platforms, including Paramount , ABC and Fox.

His triumph with the superior cable network also continues to shatter records. In early 2023, the third season premiere of Power Book II: Ghost demolished STARZ’s preceding record with 5.8 million viewers across platforms during the initial three days of accessibility since its release on March 17.

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